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Whether you are a job seeker looking for the best opportunities in Asia, Europe, Middle East, or a business looking to hire top talents in these regions, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.

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01. Our Distinct Practice Areas

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02. Our Partnership Solutions

What is a Multi-Hire Campaign?

Our exclusive multi-hiring campaign offers reduced pricing for clients hiring across different functions simultaneously or those staffing for projects with multiple headcounts. Elevate your team and save on recruitment costs with our tailored solutions.

When is a Multi-Hire Campaign most beneficial?

  • For clients seeking to recruit multiple headcounts for a specific project, requiring candidates with similar functions and attributes.
  • For clients building up a new desk/department, requiring candidates with similar industry background across different functions.

What is a Contingent Search?

We provide a proactive market exploration approach, headhunting and presenting candidates with our clients incurring costs only upon successful hiring.

When is a Contingent Search most beneficial?

  • For clients looking to mitigate financial risks and seeking flexibility in engaging with multiple search platforms.
  • Clients can adapt their hiring strategy based on market changes or evolving business needs without incurring fixed costs, making contingent search a dynamic and responsive solution.

What is a Retained Search?

Retained search provides clients with dedicated and exclusive access to the expertise and resources of the recruiting firm, ensuring a focused and committed effort to fill key positions. Retained searches are always prioritized over other assignments/engagements.

When is a Retained Search most beneficial?

  • When hiring for critical executive or leadership positions where the impact on the organization’s success is substantial, a retained search ensures a thorough and strategic approach to finding the right candidate.
  • In situations where confidentiality is paramount, such as succession planning or confidential executive hires, a retained search offers discretion and exclusivity in the recruitment process.

What is Market Research?

Market research is broadly segmented into 3 solutions.

      • Competitors’ Salary Benchmarking: A salary benchmarking report serves the crucial purpose of providing clients with a comprehensive analysis of prevailing salary structures and compensation trends within their industry and geographical region.
      • Talent Landscape Analysis: Conduct a thorough analysis of the current talent landscape in the industry. Identify key trends, skill shortages, and emerging roles to help clients understand the competitive landscape and adjust their hiring strategy accordingly.
      • Candidate Background Check: The process typically includes criminal history checks, employment verification, education verification, and sometimes credit checks, depending on the nature of the position.

  • When is Market Research most beneficial?
    • For clients embarking on the initial stages of their hiring plans, offering invaluable insights for budgeting and strategic planning before concrete decisions are made.
    • Market research becomes imperative for clients facing challenges in talent attraction, providing a comprehensive solution to identify and address the underlying issues hindering their recruitment efforts.
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